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The Organisers

Kirsten McKee and Catriona Murray started the DCM Research Group in 2008, after discovering their overlapping interests in the subject during the first few weeks of their doctoral research. To date, the group's activities have attracted almost two hundred academics with similar interests. They hope to create a central base for the subject and to promote events, publications, grey literature, as well as encouraging links between both junior and senior academics.

Kirsten McKee

Kirsten has recently returned to academia after working for the best part of a decade as a field archaeologist and historic buildings specialist for commercial companies throughout the U.K.

Her interests include the application of architectural history to broader cultural studies and the perception and integration of the historic environment within a present day context. Her doctoral thesis is on the interpretation of Calton Hill - a monumental landscape within Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site. Her website on this research and other research projects can be found here.

Catriona Murray

Catriona's principal research interests lie in the field of seventeenth century British portraiture with special focus on death and commemoration, the history of the family and the politics of dynasty.

Her doctoral research examines the dynastic, political, social and ideological impacts of the premature deaths of princes and royal heirs in seventeenth century Britain. By focusing on visual portrayals of princes, as well as examining other cultural representations of untimely royal deaths, her work seeks to establish the real importance of these lost heirs and protectors of the Stuart Protestant line and to assess the historical significance of their enduring memory.

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